compositions Visconti-Prasca
  • Portrait of the Artist as a Bold Man, dedicated to George Russell
  • SelfExposure, voice & tape
  • tROMbeONE, trombone & percussions
  • Ulrich, piano, violin & cello
  • Francesco’s brackets / making a point, solo cello
  • RoMu, chamber orchestra
  • Ore I, piano, harp & voice
  • Ore II
  • Ore III
  • Matt in vier Z├╝gen, flute & piano
  • Shuffling inside, solo piano


Italian composer and saxophone player Marco Visconti-Prasca studied composition with Franco Donatoni, Ivan Fedele, and Andrea Talmell; Jazz Arranging & Composition with Francy Boland, Bill Dobbins, Bill Holman & Herb […]

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